Meet Karla Gill, Momentus Capital’s First Chief Technology Officer

Karla Gill recently joined Momentus Capital as its first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In her role overseeing the integration of new technologies that make our work more effective, she will manage Ventures Lending Technologies, Information Technology, and the data analytics teams.

In this blog, we take some time to get to know more about Karla, her history, and what keeps her committed to building communities of opportunity.

Capital Impact Partners 40th Anniversary

Forty Years of Breaking Barriers to Success and Building Communities of Opportunity

By Ellis Carr, President and CEO

2022 is a special year for us at Capital Impact Partners as it marks our 40th anniversary. Four decades of leaning into helping people build communities of opportunity and developing pathways to success.

And while this is an exciting time for us as we embark on a new strategy under Momentus Capital, it is equally important to remember our roots as a champion for the cooperative movement.


Impact Investments That Support Companies Affecting Positive Change

By Raymond Guthrie Chief Investment Officer and Head of Capital Deployment Momentus Capital

In 2022, a Fast Company piece by Porter Braswell released new statistics that painted a telling picture: in 2021, only 1.4% of Black founders received venture capital funds. That’s a stark number when you consider that more than 13 percent of the U.S. population is Black or African American. It is not surprising, however, given that Black investors only make up 3% of the venture capital industry. The numbers are similarly poor for women-led startups, which only receive 2.3% of venture capital funding, and whose leaders only make up 5.7% of venture capital partners. 

When you think that racial inequality, specifically as it relates to Black Americans, has cost our economy over $16 trillion over the last 20 years, it’s clear that our approach to investing in diverse entrepreneurs needs to change.

Meet Byron Reed, Momentus Capital’s New Senior Vice President of Business Advising

Byron Reed recently joined Momentus Capital as the new Senior Vice President of Business Advising. In his commitment to serve borrowers from underestimated communities, he will lead, manage, advise, and provide strategic direction to the team of business advisors who consult with potential and existing small and medium-sized business owners and partners.

In this blog, we take some time to get to know more about Byron, his history, and what keeps him committed to building communities of opportunity.

Impact Investing for Health Equity: Q&A With SameSky Health CEO Abner Mason

SameSky Health Founder and CEO Abner Mason is on a mission to advance health equity in communities

Abner Mason came up with the idea for SameSky Health in 2013 with a dream of creating a company that is on a mission to advance health equity. From its inception, SameSky Health has been focused on engaging and helping Americans who are marginalized or under-resourced.

We Are Now Part of The Momentus Capital Family of Organizations!

By Ellis Carr, President and CEO of Momentus Capital, Capital Impact Partners, and CDC Small Business Finance

Healthy communities are built by their residents. Small business owners, local real estate developers, and other local leaders are the engines of job creation and economic activity in communities across the country. When these leaders have the opportunity to succeed, their communities, their residents – and our country – thrive.

Unfortunately, leaders in communities all across the country are missing a key ingredient to success: access to the capital. For too long, people in underestimated communities and people of color have been denied the types of capital and support they need to realize the dreams they have for themselves, their families and their neighborhoods.

In 2019, Capital Impact Partners and CDC Small Business Finance began an incredible journey with an ambitious – some might say audacious – goal: to devise new, transformative ways to meet the capital needs in communities across the country. We asked ourselves a question: How does the financial sector – including mission-driven financing organizations in our sector – need to change to really support communities? What can we do differently to help our communities really thrive? 

Meet Mindy Christensen, Our New Senior Vice President of Community Development Real Estate

Mindy Christensen recently joined Capital Impact as the new Senior VP of Community Development Real Estate. She leads her team to support Capital Impact’s mission to transform how capital and investments flow into communities by facilitating loan transactions for health care centers, charter schools, affordable housing, healthy food projects, and more. Mindy’s passion for finance and community development has spanned almost 20 years, from working with borrowers taking out a $20 loan from a local non-profit lender to borrowers taking out a $1 billion loan from a traditional bank.

In this blog, we take some time to get to know more about Mindy, her history, and what keeps her committed to building communities of opportunity.

Trends and Policies that May Affect Community Development & Small Business in 2022

Like 2020, 2021 presented challenges for small business owners, often revealing historical and systemic disinvestment in communities of color. It also created opportunities for businesses to adapt and rebuild. 

While communities and businesses are still dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic, we can work together to foster a positive outlook for the year ahead.

With our sister organization CDC Small Business Finance, our team has taken a look at what our community members, partners, and investors may experience in 2022. 

Take a look at our predictions for this year and how trends and policies may affect you and others in the community development/small business space.

VIDEO: A Visual Storytelling of Capital Impact Partners’ First 10 Years in Detroit

Over the past 10 years, Capital Impact Partners has invested more than $300 million to foster equitable and inclusive Detroit communities, and we are committed to achieving that vision with the city’s residents. To celebrate our 10th anniversary of working side-by-side with Detroiters, we look back at what worked and the work that remains in a video series with our staff and partners. Watch all the videos in our series here!

Marching Toward “Freedom and Jobs”: How Our New Enterprise Fosters Wealth Creation and Builds Inclusive and Equitable Communities

By Ellis Carr, President and CEO

During the 1963 March on Washington for Freedom and Jobs, attendees peacefully and constructively protested for the end of systemic barriers and racial segregation. These barriers kept members of disinvested communities from good-paying jobs or from owning businesses wherever they chose, which would allow them to share in the prosperity that others experienced.