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Capital Impact Partners, one of the Momentus Capital branded family of companies, receives regular media coverage for its work to transform how capital and investments flow into communities to provide people access to the capital and opportunities they deserve.

That coverage, compiled on this page, includes our efforts with local leaders and key organizations to deliver critical social services, helping developers of color grow their businesses, and other important programs and initiatives.

If you are a member of the media and have a press inquiry, please contact our media relations manager, David Greisman, at dgreisman@capitalimpact.org

CDFIs are Filling Lending Gaps in Local Financial and Community Development Systems


From automobile lending to small-business support to large-scale projects, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are having a range of impact across Michigan. In this educational piece about the sector, Capital Impact’s work is recognized for helping to create density and promote economic viability in Detroit as well as other communities, including Flint.

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These programs are training Detroit’s minority residents in development

October 2018

For many entry-level African-American real estate developers, getting a foot in the door can be difficult, with limited opportunities to gain experience and obtain capital. Organizations see this lack of representation as a major gap, particularly given that community perspectives and experience can shape cities to grow more inclusively. Model D looks at how two key programs, including our Equitable Development Initiative, are working to bridge that gap.

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What Millions of Retiring Small Business Owners Could Mean for Cities

September 2018

Baby Boomers own the majority of small businesses, but only 17 percent of them have a formal exit plan for when they want to retire. When you consider that small businesses provide the vast majority of employment within low-income urban areas, there is a unique opportunity to benefit these communities by turning these workers into owners using the co-op model. Next City takes a deep dive into this issue based on a “co-op conversion” report recently issued by Capital Impact.

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CEO Profile: Finance with Finesse

September 2018

In its series on “The Future of Commercial Real Estate,” the Washington Business Journal sat down with Capital Impact’s CEO, Ellis Carr. The wide-ranging interview looks our CEO’s past, what his biggest challenges are, and uncovered the fact that he is an amateur DJ.

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Home care agencies turn to older workers to fill in labor shortage

September 2018

With few financial incentives to bring in new workers, the home care industry anticipates a need for at least 13 million new in-home caregivers by 2030. The Houston Chronicle examines how utilizing the co-op model may fill that void while also benefitting older female workers, as well as immigrants and people of color.

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Guest Blog: Creating age-friendly communities that support the economic, health, and social needs of older adults

June 2018

In partnership with West Health and the Build Healthy Places Network, Capital Impact’s Director for Strategic Aging Initiatives launched a series of blogs to tackle the important issue of how older adults can age in place with dignity and have access to the critical social services necessary to thrive. In this introductory piece, we illustrate how health care reform can support new opportunities to create holistic, comprehensive health care systems.

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Guest Blog: How Nonprofits Can Tap Into the Impact Investment Market

April 2018

The burgeoning world of impact investing offers new hope for nonprofit organizations seeking access to capital. However, harnessing this market comes with a steep learning curve. Backed by the two years of experience it took to debut Capital Impact’s Investment Note, CFO Natalie Gunn shares lessons learned in this guest blog for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The blog provides tools that other nonprofits can use to develop an important new revenue stream and, in turn, create more social impact.

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Impact Bonds Are Making Bigger Impact

March 2018

Impact bonds are evolving and growing as investors put pressure on their financial advisors to offer more socially relevant investments notes. Our partners at InCapital were interview in this investment article and highlighted the $100 million Capital Impact Investment Note as one particular vehicle for institutional and individual investors to create social impact while potentially earning a return on that investment.

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Capital Impact Partners tops $2.5B in loans to underserved communities

February 2018

Capital Impact maintained its strong momentum of investments in underserved communities when it hit a milestone $2.5 billion in loans through the end of 2017. In an interview with the Washington Business Journal, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Scott Sporte illustrated that momentum by noting that the first “$1.5 billion [took] us 30 years to achieve. The last billion took us about seven.” Learn more about the past and future impact of our lending work in the article.

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National CDFI Launches $100M Community Investment Note Offering

November 2017

In 2017, Capital Impact marked a key milestone with the launch of our $100 million Investment Note. Our CEO, Ellis Carr, sat down with NonProfit Quarterly to talk about our effort to raise “socially motivated capital” from individuals and institutional investors alike. Learn more about how this effort is supporting Capital Impact efforts to engage in the fight against the growing inequality we see across the country.

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