Capital Impact Partners is a top ranked institution for financial performance and social impact.

Responsible community investment requires mission-driven lenders who also have a record of strong financial performance. Through rigorous review and careful planning, we provide capital and commitment to markets that traditional lenders are reluctant to enter, while also honoring our financial commitments and growing our portfolio. Over our thirty-year history, Capital Impact has deployed over $2 billion nationwide, demonstrating our commitment to building communities of opportunity in a fiscally responsible way.



Capital Impact Partners has earned are variety of top ratings and recognition for our financial performance and social impact.


S&P Global

‘AA’ Issuer Credit Rating with Stable Outlook

The world’s leading provider of independent credit ratings assigned Capital Impact a “AA issuer credit rating with Stable Outlook.” The analysis recognized our strong asset quality and liquidity, minimal risk profile, and consistent growth in loans and assets.

S&P Global ratings are a key tool used by corporate and philanthropic investors when making investment decisions. Capital Impact is among the few CDFI’s who have received an S&P Global rating.



Four Stars – AAA – Policy Plus

Capital Impact has earned top ratings from Aeris every year since its inception in 2004.

Our current rating includes “4 Stars” for Impact Performance; “AAA” for Financial Strength and Performance; and “Policy Plus” for leadership in policy changes impacting disadvantaged people and communities.

Aeris is a comprehensive, third-party analysis of CDFI’s that aids investors and donors in their investment decisions.


National Independent Ratings & Certifications

Capital Impact has also received independent recognition from multiple national organizations. This includes Guidestar’s highest Platinum rating, certification by the CDFI Fund, and serving as a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta.




A Strong Diverse Portfolio

Capital Impact ended FY2015 with a solid financial position. The organization’s overall portfolio increased by $22 million or 11 percent, with a delinquency rate of just 0.4 percent. Top-line revenue saw a 20 percent increase in unrestricted net assets to $17 million.


As part of our new strategy – our 2020 Vision for Communities – we will continue efforts to strengthen our financial position by bringing our lending more on balance sheet, actively managing expenses, and implementing capitalization strategies to improve margins.

FY2015 Growth Highlights


2015 (AS OF DECEMBER 31) AND 2014

Assets ($ Millions) 2015 2014
Cash and cash equivalents – unrestricted $21,896,663 $22,973,465
Cash and cash equivalents – restricted 35,776,052 39,260,027
Accounts and interest receivable 2,123,122 1,990,401
Contributions receivable 852,811 12,296,545
Investments 4,700,914 4,754,555
Investment in joint venture 2,660,888 2,660,793
Loans receivable 180,574,691 164,914,807
   Less: allowance for loan losses -9,374,669 -9,177,796
     Loans receivable, net 171,200,022 155,737,011
     Loans receivable – subsidiaries 41,854,452 35,421,220
Other assets 2,728,996 2,715,301
Total assets $283,793,920 $277,809,318
Liabilities and Net Assets    
   Accounts payable and accrued expenses $4,045,327 $4,028,078
   Revolving line of credit 32,800,000 24,950,000
   Notes payable 61,250,300 67,637,569
   Subordinated debt 10,718,000 8,218,000
   Bond loan payable 5,859,705
   Notes payable – subsidiaries 41,291,448 35,436,546
     Total liabilities 155,964,780 140,270,193
Net Assets    
   Unrestricted 101,244,487 84,554,160
   Temporarily restricted 25,097,178 51,497,490
   Permanently restricted 1,487,475 1,487,475
Total net assets 127,829,140 137,539,125
Total liabilities and net assets $283,793,920 $277,809,318


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