Capital Impact Investment Notes

Terms & Financial Highlights

Capital Impact Investment Notes are being offered at fixed interest rates, with multiple terms, and may be purchased directly through your brokerage account.

How to Invest

Investment Note Terms
Total Offering $200,000,000
Financial Return Fixed Interest rates; Terms up to 20 years
Social Return Delivers social impact to underserved communities across multiple sectors nationwide. S&P Global Ratings has opined that Capital Impact’s Social Bond Framework is fully aligned with the 2023 Social Bond Principles of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).
Minimum Investment $1,000
Investment Grade Rated S&P Global and Fitch Ratings have both assigned the Capital Impact Investment Note an investment-grade rating. Full rating details can be downloaded from our website.*
Convenience Available for purchase through your brokerage account

Individual Investors can purchase Capital Impact Investment Notes directly through their brokerage accounts.

Investment Professionals can contact our lead sales agent, InspereX, for further information about Capital Impact Investment Notes.

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Financial highlights

A pie chart showing the 2023 breakdown of Capital Impact Partner's On-balance Sheet Loan Portfolio, totaling $382.4 million.
Illustrated United States map displaying the Capital Impact Partners offices and highlighting the states where there were loans active in 2022.
A line graph displaying delinquent loan portfolios as a percentage from December 2018 through December 2023.
*The majority of the past due loans in the 30-59 day category are in the housing sector and represent loans with either maturity default or other form of covenant default/violations where Capital Impact is working directly with the borrowers and/or the participating lenders on extensions, modifications and other forms of loan amendment to assist the borrowers.
Debt & Net Asset Composition as of 12/31/2023
Revolving Lines of Credit $69,500,000
Notes Payable $68,786,736
Investor Notes $265,412,000
Subordinated debt $14,500,000
FHLB-A $24,000,000
Bond Loan Payable $5,000,000
Subtotal Debt $447,198,736
Less Investor Notes issuance costs ($2,606,852)
Total Debt(4) $444,591,884
Net Assets
Without Donor Restrictions(1) $106,347,815
Noncontrolling Interest(2) $20,572,345
Total Net Assets without donor restrictions $126,920,160
With Donor Restrictions(3) $45,321,327
Total Net Assets $172,241,487
Total Capitalization $616,833,371
  1. Net assets without donor restrictions have no external restrictions regarding their use or function.
  2. Represents the non-managing member’s 70% equity interest in Community Investment Impact Fund, which is exclusive of Capital Impact’s equity interest.
  3. Net assets with donor restrictions have donor-imposed restrictions such as (i) fulfilling a specified purpose, and/or (ii) the passage of a specified amount of time regarding use or function.
  4. Total Debt does not include subsidiary debt or lease obligations.

A Strong History of Social and Financial Impact