While lending is a primary activity at Capital Impact Partners, it is a means to an end: we use capital as a tool to effect positive change in underserved communities across the country. As a mission-driven lender, our true impact is felt when we finance projects that create jobs or provide needed services or opportunities for those most in need. We invite you to spend a few moments reading our stories of impact and learn more about the lives we have touched.

Black real estate developers work in hard hats on construction site

Equipping Developers to Build Their Communities
Growing Diverse Housing Developers: Video Series

Learn more about the Growing Diverse Housing Developers program and the impact it has been creating for diverse developers and the communities they serve, through the words of GDHD participants and leaders. 

Watch our video series

Baby receives affordable health care at a federally qualified health center, Cartmill Clinic, which was financed by Capital Impact Partners.

Affordable Health Care in Central California: Cartmill Clinic’s Vision Comes to Life

Tulare County, situated in central California’s San Joaquin Valley, is fortunate to have an abundance of food production, hence why it is considered a breadbasket for the country. However, it is also one of the poorest and most clinically underserved counties in California.

Read more about Altura Centers for Health’s inclusive approach to health care.

Growing Cooperatives And Health Equity through Impact Investments

Obran is utilizing the cooperative model to not only create a more effective health care system, but also create equity and power for the workers themselves. Facing the need to expand and reach the next level of its operations, Obran turned to Momentus Capital. Momentus Capital’s impact investment team worked with Obran to create a preferred equity investment vehicle to support their vision.

Read more about Obran’s transformative approach and our impact investment model to support them

When Access Equals Opportunity, Entrepreneurs and Communities Thrive

Naimah and Charlayne were living their dream of creating their own businesses. However, those dreams hit a significant roadblock when they could not get loans from traditional financial institutions in order to expand. The Entrepreneurs of Color Fund opened up pathways for them and other business owners of color to create the wealth and health they have wanted for themselves and their communities.

Read along to see how EOCF helped Naimah and Charlayne’s businesses to flourish

Affordable Housing Preservation Project Comes to Fruition with Mission-Centric Capital

When a new apartment complex came up for sale in a rapidly gentrifying suburb of San Francisco, Kate Comfort Harr of HIP Housing knew she had to preserve it as an affordable housing option. Read more about the partnership with Capital Impact to make her vision a reality.

Follow Kate’s saga to save Rolison from market-rate developers

Shattering Ceilings: Three Female Leaders Making a Difference for Communities

For many years, Jane Garcia found herself to be one of the only women in the boardroom. She not only fought against this bias but became a tireless champion for immigrant communities and access to health care for all. Since 1982, Capital Impact’s success has grown across a variety of sectors through partnerships with women like Jane who have sparked positive change in their communities.

Follow the hard fought journey of Jane and her female counterparts leading social change nationwide.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Driving Change

Independent Drivers Guild – Brooklyn, New York

Working as an Uber driver for the past eight years, Martin was hoping to make a better life for his family when he moved to the United States in 1991. As costs rose and pay decreased, he began to question whether he could continue on this path. That was when Martin and his fellow drivers began exploring the power of forming a cooperative and using their numbers to take control of their future.

Follow along as these immigrant entrepreneurs put the brakes on a predatory system.

“Partners in Detroit’s Revitalization”

Detroit, Michigan

We are honored to work with a broad range of partners, investors and government agencies that share similar missions and values in supporting Detroit’s revitalization. We invite you to learn more about many of these individuals and the great work they are doing through our video series “Partners in Detroit’s Revitalization.”

Watch our “Partners in Detroit’s Revitalization” Video Series

Building communities through equitable, affordable housing

Casamira: Detroit, MI | Worthington Woods: Washington, D.C. | Depot Community Apartments: Hayward, CA

It was a dark day in Washington, D.C. when Ronnie Jamison and his neighbors learned that their apartment building was sold, and they may be forced to leave. Working together, they turned to a local law called “TOPA” to help them remain in the neighborhood many had lived and raised kids in for decades. They just needed assistance from a buyer—and a lender.

Meet Ronnie and others applying innovative mission-driven solutions to today’s housing crisis.

Supporting Financial Inclusion for Returning Citizens

Tightshift Laboring Cooperative – Washington, D.C.

After his release from prison, Juan Reid was filled with optimism. His hopes to start fresh, however, were met with a number of hurdles, as his past record prevented him from being hired or finding a home. With the right support, fortunately, Juan founded his own business, demonstrating how new inclusive approaches can create real opportunities for returning citizens.

Follow Juan’s Journey from Incarceration to Entrepreneur

Social Impact Stars of the Lone Star State

Montessori For All | NASCO | North Texas Area Community Health Centers – Texas

As Lixi’s academic issues began impacting her self-esteem, her mother found hope at Montessori For All, a free charter school designed to attract a diverse student body. Their approach gave Lixi new skills and new confidence. Across Texas, Capital Impact is supporting organizations like Montessori that are improving access to a range of quality services.

Read more about unique social impact projects opening across Texas.

Financial Advisor Andy Loving

Impact Investing To Support Communities

Impact Investing – Kentucky

“When I tried to say I only wanted to do social investing, and not any conventional investing, they told me I’d starve. I said ‘No, I won’t.’” Years later, with clients in 25 states, financial advisor Andy Loving is thriving. In this video he talks about his work and explains why Capital Impact’s Investment Note is helping clients to earn social and financial returns.

Learn more about Andy’s investing philosophy in this video.