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Financing is one key tool that we use to help communities break barriers to success. As a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we provide access to capital for projects in underinvested areas that are often overlooked by traditional banks. We work directly with our borrowers to get the most complicated transactions done. For more than 35 years, we have partnered with mission-aligned developers, organizations, and businesses to revitalize neighborhoods and deliver social impact.

Working to Achieve Equitable Access to Key Services

When communities have access to essential services, they can break the barriers to success. As a leading nonprofit lender, we work to achieve this vision by delivering much-needed capital to key community pillars, including high-quality health centers and education facilities, healthy food retailers, mixed-use and affordable housing, cooperatives, and dignified aging facilities.

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Now Also Offering Innovative Lending Solutions
For Small Businesses​

Momentus Capital is a different type of financial services company. We deliver a continuum of capital solutions to small businesses and community facilities at every growth stage. Through our sister organization, CDC Small Business Finance, we offer a variety of SBA and non-traditional lending products for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in their communities.

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Fostering Deep Connections in Core Geographies

While Capital Impact finances projects nationally, we realize the importance of fostering deep connections with communities to understand their needs and work with them to create tailored solutions.

To that end, we cluster our investments in places where we have roots and are better positioned to leverage a deeper understanding of the context of our work, past investments and relationships, and market knowledge to maximize our impact.

As part of this effort, we focus our lending in specific regions, including northern and southern California, Michigan and northwest Ohio, the New York Tri-State Area, Texas, and the Washington, D.C. Metro area. We do, however, encourage you to reach out if you have a high-impact project that fits within our mission outside of these areas.

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Benefits of Working with Capital Impact


We do not just measure results based on financial return, but rather by how we can address key social and economic justice issues in our communities.

See Opportunity, Not Risk

Where many traditional lenders may only see risk in supporting projects in low- to middle-income communities, we see opportunity to create financial impact and social justice.

Three Decades of Experience

For more than 35 years, we have delivered financing solutions and counsel that meet our borrowers’ individual needs and circumstances.

Flexible Terms and Timelines

We pride ourselves on issuing competitive loans that are also flexible and appropriately structured to fit our borrowers’ repayment abilities. This means offering financing of $1 million and up.

Support for Innovation

In addition to traditional transactions, we support innovative approaches that amplify impact, such as school-based health care centers, mobile service providers, and community centers and food hubs that serve multiple businesses.

Deep Network of Partners

Deep Network of Partners: To create tailored financing, we utilize our relationships with traditional financial institutions, government programs, insurance companies, pension funds, foundations, and impact investors and leverage their funds to support a range of community building projects.

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Every project is different and we work to match your needs with the right product. We can do everything from acquisition through permanent financing, with a focus on real estate-backed loans of $1 million and up. Our experience with complex projects in underserved markets utilizing federal, state, and local subsidy programs will help you get your project done.

Acquisition Loans

to purchase land and buildings

Bridge Loans

to bridge grant funding or tax-credit equity investment

Construction Loans

to finance ground-up construction and renovation projects

Pre-Development Loans

for feasibility planning, architectural drawings & other early needs

Tenant Improvement Loans

to finance renovation at a leased facility

Term Loans

to take out construction loans, or leverage New Market Tax Credit transactions

Equipment Loans

to purchase equipment

Working Capital Loans

to finance operating cash flow needs

Leverage Government Programs

New Markets Tax Credits
Federally Guaranteed Bonds

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Lending Initiative Highlights

In addition to offering direct loans, we partner with financial and social innovators to create lending initiatives targeting specific sectors and geographies to amplify community impact. Using the links below, you will find additional details about those offerings, or you can contact us directly.

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How One + One is Greater than Two for Underinvested Neighborhoods

Washington, D.C.

As a parent, Diana has a lot to manage among her three children. Fortunately, she discovered a unique opportunity to find a good school and quality health care all in the same place. Across Washington D.C., Capital Impact is working to ensure stories like this are becoming more common as we support developers creating projects that “co-locate” – important services that are vital to healthy communities.

See how Combining Multiple Services is Creating Equity in the Nation’s Capital

Detroit Developer Comes Home and Gives Back

Detroit, Michigan

When Richard Hosey returned to his hometown in 2008, the economic downtown had completely changed the city he remembered. Now the Detroit native has focused his efforts on returning the city to its former greatness. With support from Capital Impact, Hosey has turned an abandoned property into an affordable housing complex to help jumpstart a mixed-income neighborhood.

Fulfilling A Life’s Passion to Deliver Quality Health Care

San Francisco, CA

As a child, Charles Range had to drive miles for basic medical care. Now a medical professional, he sought to change that paradigm. With financing from Capital Impact, Range has transformed the South of Market Health Center from a small, back alley facility, to community pillar that is delivering quality care in one of San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods.

Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $28 million to finance 187 aging in community projects serving 14000 elders.