Capital Impact Partners is a top ranked institution for financial performance and social impact.

Responsible community investment requires mission-driven lenders who also have a record of strong financial performance. Through rigorous review and careful planning, we provide capital and commitment to markets that traditional lenders are reluctant to enter, while also honoring our financial commitments and growing our portfolio. Over our 35-year history, Capital Impact has deployed more than $2.7 billion nationwide, demonstrating our commitment to building communities of opportunity in a fiscally responsible way.


Capital Impact Partners has earned a variety of top ratings and recognition for our financial performance and social impact. Corporate ratings and third-party analyses are key tools used by corporate and philanthropic investors when making investment decisions. Capital Impact is among the few CDFI’s that have received ratings from multiple agencies.

S&P Global

Strong Issuer Credit Rating since 2017

The world’s leading provider of independent credit ratings has assigned Capital Impact strong issuer credit ratings (ICR) on the company and the Capital Impact Investment Note since 2017. This analysis recognizes our strong history of loan performance, asset quality and liquidity, low-risk debt profile, and diverse and ongoing growth in loans and assets. The full credit rating report can be downloaded at the link at the bottom of this page.


Strong Ratings Since 2005

Capital Impact has earned strong Aeris ratings every year since 2005. This rating is made up of three parts: financial strength and performance; social impact; and recognition for our efforts to change government policy. The full rating can be found on the Aeris website.

National Independent Ratings & Certifications

Capital Impact has also received independent recognition from multiple national organizations. This includes Guidestar’s highest Platinum rating, certification by the CDFI Fund, serving as a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, and listed on the ImpactAssets IA50 Impact Investment Fund showcase for multiple years.



A Strong and Diverse Portfolio

Pie Chart showing Capital Impact's FY2018 On Balance Sheet Portfolio by sector
U.S. map showing states with active portfolio loans for Capital Impact
Graphic illustrating 54% FY14-FY18 Unrestricted Net Asset Growth
Graphic illustration 91% FY14-FY18 Total Asset Growth

A Strong History of Social and Financial Impact

Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $28 million to finance 187 aging in community projects serving 14000 elders.

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