Capital Impact Investment Notes

Investment-Grade Rated Opportunity to Invest in Underestimated U.S. Communities

Capital Impact Investment Notes provide a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to invest in our efforts to create social and financial impact for underestimated communities nationwide. Since 1982, Capital Impact has been a leader in working with local leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs to create equitable access to the things that contribute to healthy communities and generational wealth.

We invite you to learn more about Capital Impact Partners and this offering.

Corporate Rated

S&P Global and Fitch Ratings, two of the world’s leading providers of independent credit ratings, have assigned the Capital Impact Investment Note a strong rating. Capital Impact is one of a select few CDFI’s to have received two corporate ratings.*

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Capital Impact Investment Notes allow you to support our mission. Proceeds will expand our work to create equity, address poverty, promote inclusive growth, and build healthy communities through flexible financing and technical assistance programs.

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Terms & Highlights

Capital Impact Investment Notes highlights include fixed interest rates, multiple term options, and the convenience of being available for purchase through your brokerage account.

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How It Works

Purchase Capital Impact Investment Notes.

Proceeds support our mission-driven efforts to create access to critical social services in underserved communities.

Earn a financial return, as well as a social return, on your investment.

How To Invest

Individual Investors can purchase Capital Impact Investment Notes directly through their brokerage accounts.

Investment Professionals can contact our lead sales agent, InspereX, for further information about Capital Impact Investment Notes.

Stories of Impact

As a mission-driven financial institution, we believe a true impact is made when we finance projects that create jobs or provide needed services or opportunities for those most in need. We invite you to spend a few moments reading a sampling of our stories of impact and learn more about the lives we have touched.

Jane Garcia, CEO of La Clínica de La Raza poses for photo

Female Leaders Shattering Ceilings for Communities

For many years, Jane Garcia found herself to be one of the only women in the boardroom. She not only fought against this bias but became a tireless champion for immigrant communities and access to health care for all.

Follow Jane and her female counterparts leading social change nationwide.

Worthing Woods resident poses for a photo outside of an affordable housing complex.

Building Communities Through Equitable, Affordable Housing

It was a dark day when Ronnie Jamison and his neighbors learned that their apartment building was sold, and they may be forced to leave. Working together, they turned to a local law called “TOPA” to help them remain. They just needed assistance from a buyer—and a lender.

Meet Ronnie and others applying innovative mission-driven solutions to today’s housing crisis.

Helping Minority Developers Shape the Future of Their Communities

Too often minority real estate developers are not part of shaping the future of their communities. Through our Equitable Development Initiative, rising developers are being given a unique opportunity to shape their city in a way that reflects local diversity.

Meet Detroit’s Next Generation of Developers

Delivering Investments that Reflect Your Values

“When I tried to say I only wanted to do social investing, and not any conventional investing, they told me I’d starve. I said ‘No, I won’t.’”

Years later, with clients in 25 states, financial advisor Andy Loving has shown that you can earn financial returns, as well as social returns, on your investments. In this video, Andy talks about his work and explains why Capital Impact’s Investment Note is part of his portfolio recommendations.

A Strong History of Social and Financial Impact