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Capital Impact’s staff represents a diverse and committed group of individuals located in key geographic regions across the country to enable us to better represent the communities we serve.

Please note, this page is organized by the office location of each staff member, not necessarily the geographic region they work in. If you are unable to locate the person you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

California Region​

Elizabeth Day
Senior Specialist, Development
(510) 496-2227
Oakland, CA

Felena Guye
Manager, Portfolio and Asset Management
(510) 496-2218
Oakland, CA

Sahra Halpern
Senior Director, Strategic Lending Initiatives
(510) 496-2215
Oakland, CA

Kathryn Jolly
Senior Director, Portfolio & Asset Management
(510) 496-2229
Oakland, CA

Monica Magalhaes
Originations Loan Officer
(510) 496-2211
Oakland, CA

Mia Pecjo
Loan Officer, Portfolio
(510) 496-2226
Oakland, CA

Prathit Thacker
Loan Officer, Originations
(510) 496-2122
Oakland, CA

Cameron Wilson
Business Development, California
(510) 496-2224
Oakland, CA

Detroit & Great Lakes Region​​


Donnell Mary
Program Manager, Michigan Good Food Fund
(313) 300-0104
Detroit, MI

Reg Ellis
Senior Loan Associate
(248) 943-5675
Detroit, MI

Dan Hanna
Loan Officer, Portfolio
(313) 230-1204
Detroit, MI

Camellia Loojune
Loan Officer, Originations
(313) 230-1263
Detroit, MI

Elizabeth Luther
Director, Detroit Program
(313) 230-1129
Detroit, MI

Nicholas Pohl
Business Development, Great Lakes
(313) 230-1255
Detroit, MI

Headshot of Jarrett Sanders, Equitable Development Initiative Detroit Representative

Jarrett Sanders
Detroit Real Estate Program Specialist
(313) 230-0147
Detroit, MI

Connie Shaub
Loan Officer, Portfolio
(313) 230-1117
Detroit, MI

Ian Wiesner
Director, Business Development
(313) 230-1116
Detroit, MI

Texas Region​​​

Katherine Groves
Director, Loan Originations,
Western U.S.
(703) 283-9322
Austin, TX

Will Robison
Manager, Loan Originations, Texas Triangle & National Education
(512) 369-3597
Austin, TX

New York Region

Kelly Bougere
Manager, Loan Originations, New York City Metro & National Healthcare
(646) 414-9499
New York, NY

Ariana Bellanton
Manager, Structured Finance
(646) 989-1111
New York, NY

Tameka Porte
Director, Foundation & Corporate Development
(646) 989-1105
New York, NY

Daniel Ramirez
Loan Underwriting Manager
(646) 989-1101
New York, NY

Kerinne Tollefsen
Director, Loan Originations,
Eastern U.S.
(646) 989-1104
New York, NY

Seth Whetzel
Business Development, Washington, D.C. & New York Metro
(703) 647-2323
Arlington, VA

Washington, D.C. Region

Jason Anderson
Senior Director, Communications & Marketing
(703) 647-2308
Arlington, VA

Scott Berman
Senior Director, External Affairs
(703) 647-2370
Arlington, VA

Michelle Betton
(703) 647-2362
Arlington, VA

Lauren Counts
Senior Director, Head, National Programs
(703) 647-2386
Arlington, VA

Elyse Goldenberg
Senior Specialist, Impact Strategy
(703) 647-2315
Arlington, VA

Michael Griffin
Director, Portfolio & Asset Management
(703) 647-2328
Arlington, VA

Kristofor Johnston
Senior Manager, Closing & Construction
(703) 647-2381
Arlington, VA

Mousa Kawwa
Loan Officer, Portfolio
(703) 647-2347
Arlington, VA

Milton Keenan
Senior Loan Officer, Portfolio
(703) 674-2324
Arlington, VA

Josiah Keilson
Senior Specialist, Strategy & Innovation
(703) 647-2319
Arlington, VA

Ron Kelly
Senior Director, Strategy, Innovation & Impact Management
(703) 647-2326
Arlington, VA

Chris Lash
Chief of Staff
(703) 647-2303
Arlington, VA

Capital Impact staff member Alexander McDonald

Alexander McDonald
Senior Manager, Fund, Program, and Servicing Operations
(703) 647-2353
Arlington, VA

Katherine Murtha
Loan Officer,
(703) 647-2382
Arlington, VA

Alison Powers
Cooperative & Community Initiatives Manager
(703) 647-2369
Arlington, VA


Candace Robinson
Director, Strategic Aging Initiatives
(703) 647-2352
Arlington, VA

Andrea Sevanto
Senior Loan Officer, Portfolio
(703) 647-2379
Arlington, VA

Capital_Impact_Partner_Staff_Member_terrell taylor

Terrell Taylor
Loan Officer, Originations
(703) 647-2340
Arlington, VA

Micah Tinife
Web Designer & Developer
(703) 647-2371
Arlington, VA

Matt Tontodonato
Loan Associate, Portfolio
(703) 647-2363
Arlington, VA

Seth Whetzel
Business Development, Washington, D.C.
& New York Metro
(703) 647-2323
Arlington, VA

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