The Values that Guide our Work

As a mission-driven lender, our core values of cooperation, leadership, commitment, diversity, innovation, and trust are the foundation of Capital Impact Partners’ work. They shape our culture. They underlie our decisions and actions. They help define our brand and strategy. They guide our relationships with borrowers, partners, investors, staff and the communities we serve. Simply put, our values inspire us to do our best every day.


Each year, following a peer nomination process, we honor those colleagues who give life to our values by exemplifying their spirit and purpose, while demonstrating that our shared values are at the very heart of our business.

It is my pleasure to present to you our 2015 Core Values Award winners and share with you some of the terrific things our colleagues had to say about each of these individuals:

  • Daniel Ramirez embodies the value of cooperation because, despite a heavy workload, he is always willing to help his fellow loan officers. He has become our de facto expert on Detroit projects, which tend to be complicated deals. Dan has jumped in to become a huge asset in navigating this very challenging program.

  • Virginie Arnaud LePape’s leadership is a constant force for improving our performance and results. Since she took the reins in 2014, Virginie has gotten everyone on the same page about the high level strategy and the nitty gritty process details that make our work more streamlined.

  • It’s not uncommon for Teresa Halsey to stay late or come in early, meticulously checking and correcting our work in order to get deals done – even helping when she is sick. She demonstrates commitment to the organization and her coworkers by always coming through for us. She is a mentor, a true teammate and a trusted partner.

  • Lisa Grammer embodies our value of diversity in all the work she does, but especially in leading a team that comes from around the world and works together in complete harmony with wonderful humor. Lisa has a wonderful way of making everyone feel welcome and valued.

  • Matt Glatting, Catherine Lee and Andrea Longton comprise the Business Unit Finance Team. This team has epitomized innovation in their tireless work to identify cost savings and raise capital. They have raised the bar with respect to performance and results at Capital Impact.

  • David Reese embodies trust in his role as chief troubleshooter and problem solver on the IT team. Whether it’s a glitch, a question, or just a bad IT day, David always figures it out, and always with good humor.

  • In 2015 we awarded our first Community Leadership Award. This award recognizes a singular staff person for their active volunteerism and for their role as a community leader. The 2015 Community Leadership Award winner was Tiffany Eng. Whether it’s fighting for affordable housing through the group Family Friendly Oakland or beautifying Oakland with her garbage can mosaic projects, Tiffany is a stellar example of community leadership in Oakland, CA.

  • From time to time, special recognition is necessary for the staff members whose work at Capital Impact helps everyone better serve our customers. In 2015, Shirley Bynum, from our Investor Management Group, was pivotal to a major technological upgrade. Her years of experience with the system as well as her vast knowledge and experience at Capital Impact have made her the go-to person for IT, vendors, and staff. Because of Shirley, the system ran smoothly and further positioned Capital Impact for customer service success!

Thank you to all of our staff who made 2015 a phenomenal year at Capital Impact and congratulations to our 2015 Core Values Award winners!

If these awards inspire you as much as they inspire me, take a moment to look at Capital Impact’s careers page and consider joining our team.

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