In the Face of COVID-19, One Detroit School Meets Its Community With the Services It Needs

Since COVID-19 began, times have been incredibly trying for many across the country. Schools and teachers have been particularly hard-hit, having to figure out what education looks like in this new reality. It has been grueling, the hours have been long, and all of this has taken place as teachers and school staff fear for the health and safety of their students, loved ones, and themselves.

When COVID-19 hit, Detroit Achievement Academy (DAA), a Capital Impact Partners borrower, sprung into action for its community. DAA is a public charter school in Detroit, serving the children of its community with a high-quality education. Many of the students experience poverty, which has only been exacerbated during the pandemic. DAA is already known for going above and beyond for its students, teachers, and staff, considering everyone who walks through the doors as part of the school family. As a result, DAA is one of the top performing elementary schools in the city. 

As you will see in this video story by the Today Show, some of DAA’s students and teachers have struggled during the pandemic. Through it all, DAA has done whatever it can to keep their school family physically and mentally healthy, helping to maintain their strong academic performance. In addition to paying rent and utilities for those who needed support, the school also offered an additional $500 to school staff so that they could prioritize their mental health. 

Capital Impact is proud to support and partner with organizations like Detroit Achievement Academy that put mission, family, and community first. Organizations like DAA truly understand that in extraordinary times, we have to offer more in order to give everyone what they need. 

Watch Janelle and Kyle Smitley, DAA’s founder, as they talk about Detroit Achievement Academy and how their school is prioritizing the needs of its community and staff.