VtV Network Awards Nearly $56,000 to Villages

Twelve grassroots “Villages” across the U.S. were awarded $55,950 by Capital Impact’s Village to Village (VtV) Network to support the creation of a sustainable business and organizational infrastructure for their Village organizations. These grants stem from a MetLife award of $250,000 to NCB Capital Impact in May to continue the expansion of the VtV Network, including a second round of Business/Operation Sustainability Grants.

  • Grants to help develop business solutions to enhance sustainability 

  • Recipients in six states and the District of Columbia 

The 12 Villages will use their grant funds to develop sound business solutions and innovative approaches to sustainability, membership retention and strategic partnership strategies. Additionally, the grantees will share lessons learned and successful models with the VtV Network. The 12 Villages awarded grants include: Canopy of Neighbors, Buffalo, New York; Lincoln Park Village, Chicago; East Rock Village, New Haven, Connecticut; Capital City Village, Austin, Texas; Tierrasanta Village of San Diego, California; Elderhelp of San Diego, California; Glover Park Village, District of Columbia; Neighborhood Falmouth, Massachusetts;?North Oakland Village, Oakland, California; Plumas Rural Services, Quincy, California; Westchester Playa Village, Los Angeles, California; Dupont Circle Village, District of Columbia.

Today, there are approximately 94 operating Villages in the U.S., and over 120 communities that are in some stage of developing a Village. Currently, 210 organizations are members of the VtV Network.