A mission-driven Community Development Financial Institution, Capital Impact Partners is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with offices in Detroit, Michigan, and Oakland, California. We also have staff located in key regions across the country to better meet your needs. If you have a project that can create social impact, we want to partner with you.

1400 Crystal Drive
Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 647-2300
Fax: (703) 647-3490

West Coast
2448 Historic Decatur Rd
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92106

28 W. Adams Ave
Suite 1404
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 230-1199

1023 Springdale Road
Building 1, Suite J
Austin, TX 78721

New York
1350 Broadway
Suite 2320
New York, NY 10018

Do you have specific questions? Our team is here to help.

From project financing to loan servicing and partnerships to policy engagement, the Capital Impact team is made up of experts that can help ensure that your projects and ideas get the support they need. If you have a question about a current loan, a project idea, or a way to partner with us to create social impact, please do not hesitate to contact one of the individuals below.

We also invite you to see a more complete listing of staff on our meet the team page.

New Loan Inquiries and Loan Servicing

Seth Whetzel
Loan Inquiries: East Coast
(703) 647-2323

Will Robison
Loan Inquiries: Texas
(512) 957-9007

Alexander McDonald
Senior Director of Lending Operations
(703) 647-2353

Investors, Partnerships & Programs

Lauren Counts
Strategic Partnerships & Programs
(703) 647-2386

Jeff Mosley
Equitable Development Initiative - National
(703) 647-2372

Scott Berman
Fundraising & Public Policy
(703) 647-2370

Candace Robinson
Director, Healthy Communities
(703) 647-2352

Alison Powers
Director, Economic Opportunities
(703) 647-2369


Chris Lash
Chief of Staff
(703) 647-2303
Arlington, VA

Kimberly Dorsett
Chief Human Resources Officer
(703) 647-2383

Jason Anderson
Senior Director, Marketing, Communications, and Brand
(703) 647-2308

We also invite you to see a more complete listing of staff on our meet the team page.

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