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NonProfit Quarterly

National CDFI Launches $100M Community Investment Note Offering

November 2017

In 2017, Capital Impact marked a key milestone with the launch of our $100 million Investment Note. Our CEO, Ellis Carr, sat down with NonProfit Quarterly to talk about our effort to raise “socially motivated capital” from individuals and institutional investors alike. Learn more about how this effort is supporting Capital Impact efforts to engage in the fight against the growing inequality we see across the country.

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Black Enterprise

New $5 Million Program Helps Black Developers Rebuild Detroit

October 2017

While Detroit is rebuilding, African-American real estate developers have been largely absent from that effort. To ensure that the pool of developers truly reflects the city’s diversity, Capital Impact launched the Equitable Development Initiative with an initial investment from JPMorgan Chase. This article illustrates how this program will combine capital support and training to empower minority real estate developers to create transformative change in the city.

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Cover Story: Fueling Detroit’s Revival

September 2017

In this cover story about the variety of organizations working together to fuel Detroit’s revival, Capital Impact’s senior Detroit loan officer, Melinda Clemons, spent time touring the city with Fortune Magazine to highlight projects that support inclusive growth. The article highlights the leadership of JPMorgan Chase’s $150 million effort in the city and supporting the mission-driven efforts of CDFIs like Capital Impact and Invest Detroit.

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The Hill

Op-Ed: Congress: Continue to Invest in America’s Struggling Cities and Towns

September 2017

With the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund – a program of the U.S. Department of the Treasury – threatened by budget cuts, the leaders of the nation’s four largest CDFIs joined together to write an op-ed published in The Hill. This important call to action asks Congress to ensure that the CDFI Fund is fully funded and safeguard this critical agency to continue supporting the work of CDFIs as they help create economic prosperity for low-income communities and empower Americans to live healthier, more equitable lives.

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More than Money Podcast

How CDFIs Expand Economic Opportunities in Underserved Communities

August 2017

More than Money, a podcast that explores how “we can use our values to inform how we engage with our work and invest our wealth,” recently sat down with Capital Impact’s President and CEO Ellis Carr to discuss our approach to community development and the role of CDFIs in communities. In this podcast, you will learn how we work as a market maker and market catalyst to help communities thrive.

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Next Avenue

Could This Idea Help Fix America’s Shortage of Home Care Workers?

August 2017

The number of adults aged 65 and older requiring long-term care could rise by more than 70 percent over the next quarter century, according to experts. Yet, the supply of home care workers is likely to fall short of that demand. Through a new program led by Capital Impact and supported by the AARP Foundation, we aim to use the power of cooperatives to bridge that gap while also creating quality jobs for women aged 50 and older.

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Capitol Weekly

Op-Ed: COIN: Building Economic Clout to Fight Neighborhood Poverty

June 2017

While nearly eight million Californians live in poverty, a proven tool to spur investment in their communities continues to be at risk of being cut by the state legislature. Known as COIN, this public-private partnership between the California Department of Insurance, the insurance industry and CDFIs leverages tax credits to support community development investments. In this op-ed, Capital Impact’s President and CEO Ellis Carr and Chief Lending Officer Scott Sporte lay out the important case for why this program must be saved.

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Nonprofit Chronicles

These Days, it’s Easy to Say Nice Things about Detroit

May 2017

Formerly a resident of Michigan, journalist and author Marc Gunther wrote an in-depth piece about the city’s revitalization. Gunther illustrates Capital Impact’s role in utilizing investments from government agencies, banks and foundations to spur investments in social impact projects that drive economic activity and improve lives. The article notes that “Capital Impact Partners seeks to do all this work in ways that promote inclusive neighborhoods, meaning that they should accommodate a mix of well-to-do, middle-class and poor people.”

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Next Avenue

The Growing Movement to Invest in the Older Americans’ Market

Chris Farrell | May 2017

Raising money for projects, products or services that help older adults age with dignity in their communities has been notoriously tough. But as aging journalist Chris Farrell uncovered, social entrepreneurs are beginning to fill that gap. Capital Impact’s Age Strong Investment Fund was recognized as a key program working to deliver not only necessary capital but social impact as well.

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Fast Company

If Trump Cuts this Little-known Federal Program, it will Gut Low-income Communities

March 2017

When the new administration sought to eliminate the U.S. Department of Treasury’s CDFI Fund in its FY2017 budget, the role that Community Development Financial Institutions play in delivering capital to low-income communities came under increased scrutiny. Fast Company featured Capital Impact in its in-depth look that highlighted the key role CDFIs play, specifically noting: “Companies like Capital Impact Partners don’t do the work they do for recognition or glory–they do it to get money to the people and communities that need it most.”

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Wall Street Journal

Detroit’s Resurgence Brings New Housing Concerns

March 2017

As Detroit turns a corner, luxury housing is creating concerns about gentrification. In looking at this important issue, the Wall Street Journal featured Capital Impact’s study focusing on addressing resident relocation and displacement. With a focus on multifamily development in Detroit—but applicable nationally—our report identifies a number of practices that can be used to plan for and responsibly manage development processes that protect low-income residents.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review

Ideas to help address the challenges of providing better care to low-income elders

October 2016

As a generation of aging baby boomers, and a corresponding uptick in chronic illnesses, meets rising medical costs in a perfect storm, the medical and social services communities have to face a critical question: How can we best provide care for our nation’s low-income elderly population? Capital Impact’s CEO, Ellis Carr, works to answer this important question in this Op-Ed published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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The Democracy Collaborative

Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy

October 2016

Worker-owned companies, social enterprises, and related broad-based ownership models are increasingly seen as highly valuable tools for stemming and reversing rising economic inequality. In this third part of an ongoing series, the Democracy Collaborative looks at how to finance models to create more and better jobs and broader ownership opportunities. Capital Impact’s role in providing both technical assistance and financing to food, worker and housing cooperatives is highlighted as a key approach.

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Capital Weekly

To Serve all Californians Expanded Health Clinic Capacity is Needed

September 2016

Federally Qualified Health Centers – of which there are nearly 130 in the state – have long served as the safety net for California’s most vulnerable residents living in both urban and rural communities. Yet, as we look into the future, that net is fraying. In this Op-Ed for California’s leading political newspaper, Capital Impact’s Chief Lending Officer, Scott Sporte, illustrates how our financing work is helping to support FQHCs and create health equity in the state.

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Next Billion

Investing in Detroit’s Comeback: Optimism & Challenges on the Road to Inclusive Growth

February 2016

2015 was a year of optimism for post-bankruptcy Detroit. New investments. Blight being tackled. Infrastructure coming online. only. As a longtime Detroit resident and community development professional, Capital Impact’s Bradford Frost still believes the city is at a significant crossroads. In this Op-Ed for Next Billion, Frost takes an in-depth look at the question: “Will redevelopment in Detroit lead to equitable growth?”

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Next City

Connecting Big Banking to Community Investment

February 2016

It may come as a surprise to many that the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) system is one of the largest and oldest government-sponsored enterprises devoted to housing. For decades large financial institutions have been the primary intermediary between the FHLB and individual mortgage holders. This Next City article examines how Capital Impact is among a select group of Community Development Financial Institutions leading the way in working with the FHLB to kick start lending on a massive scale in communities where it is needed most.

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