While lending is a primary activity at Capital Impact Partners, it is a means to an end: we use capital as a tool to effect positive change in underserved communities across the country. As a mission-driven lender, our true impact is felt when we finance projects that create jobs or provide needed services or opportunities for those most in need. We invite you to spend a few moments reading our stories of impact and learn more about the lives we have touched.

Older adult patient poses with daughter at hospital

Health Centers Addressing the Layered Medical Needs of Older Adults

Urban Health Plan | Hudson Headwaters – New York

As Marcelina got older, she struggled to keep her diabetes under control. After being hospitalized for diabetic complications, she was referred to Urban Health Plan’s Center for Advanced Aging conveniently located in her neighborhood. The Center is part of an innovative health movement that delivers comprehensive care to aging populations while allowing them to still live in their communities.

Meet the patients benefiting from this model of care.

Creating Equitable Access by Bringing Health Care into the Community

OLE Health – Napa Valley, California

While health centers and clinics serve millions of patients, there are still many who are unable to make it to those facilities. OLE Health is bridging that gap by taking its services on the road to meet patients where they are. The result: more equitable access to quality health care for more people.

Go Along with OLE’s team on Their Modern-Day House Calls

Changing the Older Workforce Paradigm

Peninsula Home Care Cooperative – Port Townsend, Washington

At 75, Raea never imagined she would still be serving as a home caregiver and struggling to get by on a low wage. Yet, Raea’s situation represents a growing workforce dominated by older women. Learn how one organization uses the cooperative model to change that paradigm by empowering and protecting its older staff with competitive wages and management opportunities.

Meet Raea and Her Co-op Colleagues

How One + One is Greater than Two for Underinvested Neighborhoods

Briya Public Charter School | Martha’s Table | Takoma Place Apartments – Washington, DC

As a parent, Diana has a lot to manage among her three children. Fortunately, she discovered a unique opportunity to find a good school and quality health care all in the same place. Across Washington D.C., stories like this are becoming more common as facilities bring together – or “co-locate” – important services that are vital to healthy communities.

See how Combining Multiple Services is Creating Equity in the Nation’s Capital

Helping Minority Developers Shape the Future of Their Communities

Equitable Development Initiative – Detroit, Michigan

Too often minority real estate developers are not part of shaping the future of their communities. With our new initiative, developers like Alisha, Chase and Damian are being given a unique opportunity to demonstrate how minority real estate developers can participate in Detroit’s revitalization in a way that reflects the city’s diversity.

Follow Their Journey

Detroit Developer Comes Home and Gives Back

Developer Spotlight: Richard Hosey – Detroit, Michigan

When Richard Hosey returned to his hometown in 2008, the economic downtown had completely changed the city he remembered. Now the Detroit native has focused his efforts to returning the city to its former greatness.

Richard Shares The Ups and Downs of Development in Detroit

Integrative & Innovative Health Care for Vulnerable California Residents

OLE Health – Napa Valley, California

OLE Health started as a humble clinic for farmworkers, but now they’re offering quality team-based care to all of Napa Valley’s vulnerable residents employing an innovative integrated behavioral health model.

See Ole’s Team In Action

Residents Take Ownership over their Community…“Cooperatively”

Takesa Village Housing Cooperative – Mead, Washington

Their neighborhood in a constant struggle with drugs and nuisance houses, the residents of this mobile home park take action to control their future and take back their community.

Join the Takesa Village Residents on Their Ownership Journey

Taking the Longview: 40 Years in Detroit’s Cass Corridor

Developer Spotlight: Joel Landy – Detroit, Michigan

In 1977, Joel Landy purchased his first vacant home in Detroit. With a lot of sweat-equity, Landy became a defacto not-for-profit economic development agency and a key figure in the city’s revitalization.

Tour Detroit’s Cass Corridor with Joel

Nourishing the Neighborhood for 20 Years

Imperial Fresh Market – Detroit, MI

Amidst the economic turmoil facing Detroit, five brothers have continued to defy the odds for 20 years by expanding their grocery store…creating a healthy investment in the neighborhood and their neighbors.

Stroll the Aisles of Imperial Fresh Market’s Healthy Offerings

Filling the Gap for Washington D.C.’s Uninsured

Unity Health Care – Washington, D.C.

Without health insurance, Michele Reynolds’ options for quality care were limited. But that all changed when Unity Health Care built a brand new facility in Washington, D.C.’s Ward 5.

Witness how Unity’s New Health Center is Transforming Lives

Surmounting the “Boulders” on the Path to College

Equitas Academy – Los Angeles, CA

When Malka talks about removing boulders, images of a quarry may fill your mind. But in reality, it’s the barriers to college that this tireless Executive Director is attempting to remove from the path of her elementary school students in downtown Los Angeles. See how she inspires her kids.

Meet the (Future College) Students of Equitas Academy