Fostering Equity, Inclusiveness, and Opportunity

We believe that every community should be built on a foundation of equity, inclusiveness and cooperation. This requires us to break down the barriers to success by addressing key social and economic justice issues. That is why we have dedicated our mission to delivering both the capital and commitment that help people build strong, vibrant communities of opportunity. Places where all people have access to high-quality services that foster good health, economic opportunity, and interconnectedness.




When communities have access to essential services that they need, they can catapult themselves out of poverty, sharing in the prosperity and inclusion that we all deserve.

A mission-driven Community Development Financial Institution, we work with communities to create a strong fabric of high-quality services that foster good health, job creation, economic growth, and interconnectedness—empowering individuals to improve their lives and livelihoods.



Effect systemic change at scale —from social systems to government programs—so that all people have paths out of poverty.

Support equitable access to quality services and economic opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or income.

Foster connections and social supports that strengthen the links between health, education, housing and opportunity that help people and communities thrive together.

Build diverse, mixed-income communities that promote economic mobility and empower individuals to break the barriers to success.


Where & Why We Focus

Fundamental to our effort is working to ensure that every community offers a diverse mix of critical social services that individuals rely on to thrive. This includes access to high-quality health care; affordable mixed-income housing; fresh, healthy foods; educational alternatives; strong cooperative development; and the ability to age with dignity.


Aging in Community
Older adults continue to contribute to the social and economic capital of communities. Investments in comprehensive supports that address health care, housing, hunger and transportation not only enable these individuals – and their caregivers, to age with dignity in their community, but also stabilize the costs associated with aging.
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Cooperative Development
Co-ops address barriers to traditional ownership structures, allowing pathways to ownership for low- and moderate-income individuals, while often sharing profits among members and creating quality jobs.The diversity of the co-op model facilities the ability to deliver housing, healthy food, home health care and job opportunities to marginalized communities often overlooked by corporate interests.
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A high-quality education enables economic mobility, helps reduce socio-economic disparities, and prepares students for college and career success. Charter schools improve school systems by providing free K-12 education in low-income communities where traditional public schools are underperforming or failing. In addition to their educational benefits, well-run charter schools create engaged citizens while serving as community hubs that promote parent involvement and partnerships with local community organizations.
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Health Care
Poor health and sickness can plunge a family into poverty and/or present significant challenges to economic mobility and a productive and fulfilling life. High-quality health care facilities can serve as anchor institutions offering critical services to underserved and uninsured patients while also providing economic opportunities in the community. Their focus on integrated care and addressing social determinants of health leads to better outcomes for individuals and the communities in which they live.
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Healthy Food
Inclusive food systems improve access to affordable, nutritious foods that have wide-ranging positive impacts for communities. This includes improved long-term health outcomes and better education performance. Strong local food economies also support economic development and job creation that furthers long-term wealth building.
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Affordable Housing
Affordable housing reduces financial burdens and creates stable environments that support pathways out of poverty. Addressing disparities in homeownership rates is essential to reducing the racial wealth gap in the U.S; it is also central to an inclusive-growth strategy and contributes to building diverse and equitable communities. Access to stable, quality, and affordable housing with co-located services further promotes positive health and education outcomes.
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Placed-based Revitalization
Targeted neighborhood-level investments and strategic cross-sector partnerships spark integrated, sustainable, and inclusive growth. Helping to revitalize and stabilize markets in investment-ready cities – like Detroit – supports mixed-use, mixed-income development, driving equitable economic development that benefits both existing and new residents..
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Fostering Locally Driven Solutions

We believe that we can harness the spirit of innovation through all of our work to help ensure that all people can break the barriers to success. In this video, we illustrate how we do that through partnerships with local organizations in three communities across the country.


Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $28 million to finance 187 aging in community projects serving 14000 elders.


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