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Breaking down historical and structural barriers to success for communities takes innovative partnerships and investments built to afford every individual the ability to prosper. Capital Impact continues to work hand-in-hand with partners to create the change and opportunity that communities see for themselves. Given reminders of injustices both old and new, the need to increase social and economic equity nationwide drives our work every day.

Addressing the National Housing Crisis through Partnerships

Augmenting Affordable Housing for Bay Area Communities

 Across the country, communities are experiencing an affordable housing crisis; the San Francisco Bay Area is no exception. We are bringing our experience in expanding inclusive communities by joining the new $500 million Partnership for the Bay’s Future to address this issue. Through this effort, we are working to expand and protect up to 175,000 homes over the next five years and preserve and produce more than 8,000 homes over the next five to 10 years across the region. 


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Strengthening Underinvested Communities in Washington, D.C. 

Housing is a fundamental right, laying the groundwork for all other critical social services. To ensure that more families have access to affordable housing, Annaly Capital Management and Capital Impact launched a new $25 million joint venture committed to supporting affordable housing and other community development projects in Washington, D.C. 


Our Continued Partnership with Annaly

Impact Investing Milestone Creates Transformative Change

Engaging investors big and small to invest in our mission has helped us create social impact in our communities while offering investors the opportunity to “do good” while getting a financial return on their investment. That is why we are excited to have reached a milestone with our investors, selling more than $100 million of our S&P-rated Investment Notes through Incapital LLC’s Legacy platform. In addition, we are proud to be named to ImpactAssets’ 2019 impact investing showcase, our second year in a row.


Our Investors Help Us Transform Communities


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Broadening Opportunities in Black Entrepreneurshipe

Expanding Economic Opportunity for Entrepreneurs of Color 

The opportunity to drive economic growth by investing in Black businesses is real. However, economic opportunity is out of reach for many Black entrepreneurs. Building off of our experience through the Equitable Development Initiative, we are fostering opportunity for minority entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. through the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund. Started by JPMorgan Chase, the Fund will support local minority entrepreneurs through access to capital and technical assistance. 


Working Within Communities to Help Minority Entrepreneurs Thrive


Empowering Developers of Color to Support Detroit’s Revitalization

Continuing our focus on expanding opportunity for minority real estate developers, the second round of our Equitable Development Initiative is now underway. Launched in 2018 to create new pathways for developers of color to shape Detroit’s future, we have now supported 47 minority developers in the city with the education, mentorship, and resources necessary to enable their participation in the city’s revitalization. 


Filling Gaps to Equity and Opportunity


Centering the Needs of Immigrant Communities

Immigrant rights have been a topic of national conversation of late, creating questions for racial equity and economic opportunity. Centering the needs of underinvested communities is at the core of our work, and in the second half of 2018, we provided mission-driven capital to projects across the country to achieve this goal. We invested in Tacoma Community House in Washington State, Make the Road in New York, and Casa Familiar in California to give voice to the right that the immigrant community has to thrive.


Our Fourth Quarter Investments


Understanding Inequities Faced by Communities of Color

How the Civil Rights Movement Gave Rise to Community Health Centers

During the civil rights movement, communities of color, particularly those in the South, were not granted equitable access to health care at hospitals. Dr. Jack Geiger changed that by proposing the idea of community health centers to address the needs of underserved communities. 


Learn How This Idea Changed Health Care Nationwide


Examining Financial Vulnerability for Black Families

Financial vulnerability is a reality for many people, especially Black Americans. Black households experience more financial vulnerability than all other households, fallings behind in savings, credit, employment, and homeownership. Our latest blog examines the economic outlook for Black Americans. 


Findings from Prosperity Now’s 2019 Scorecard


We’re Hiring!

This spring, join our mission-driven team! Capital Impact offers a mission-driven experience and a suite of benefits. Our openings include a Director of Lending Operations; Real Estate Program Specialist; Manager, Loan Servicing and Loan Accounting, Grants & Contracts Specialist, and several internships. We look forward to hearing from all interested candidates.


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