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Older adults thrive when they age within their communities. This means extending their quality time at home or living in a nearby aging-friendly residence. Yet, truly successful aging requires access to critical support—especially for those with a low income. This includes quality health care, support services, transportation options, affordable housing, social interaction and more. The rise of these aging-friendly communities provides us all with an exciting opportunity: to lead the way with innovative solutions. Capital Impact is driven to finance projects that empower older Americans of various income levels. Together we can help them age with dignity. Independence. And security. So they don’t just survive—they thrive.

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Innovative Aging

Today’s person-centered care that revolves around the individual at home and in their community surpasses institutional care models of the past. This concept helps older people to live full and enriched lives despite illness or disability.

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Aging-Friendly Communities

Age-friendly communities meet, and exceed, the needs of older adults: health care, appropriate housing, efficient transportation, healthy meals, social activity and more. All told, this helps adults age with independence and dignity.

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Community Vitality
When older adults feel like they’re a valuable part of the community, their health and wellbeing flourish. Through volunteering and socializing they can connect across many generations. And, that enriches the whole community.



Nearly 20% of the U.S. population is now age 65 or older. That percentage is growing, which opens the door for positive social impact. Aging Americans—especially those with low-income—need support to remain healthy and independent. So, we need to rebuild and rethink aging with a focus on the whole person. This comprehensive approach will increase access to quality long-term care networks. Which, in turn, will reduce medical costs and expand the availability of community-based services. Ultimately, we are investing in the wellbeing and quality of life for older individuals. Capital Impact is proud to be a leading supporter of these aging-friendly, community-based solutions.




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Comprehensive Care
Peer-to-peer support, social connections and highly coordinated care creates a more efficient and cost-effective means to care for older people. Further increasing their access to community, and home-based care, creates a virtuous cycle that improves wellness.

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Healthy Aging
Older adults with access to integrated care report an overall improvement in quality of life and emotional well-being. They maintain the ability to care for themselves and to participate in daily activities longer. Most of all, they stay engaged in their community.

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Economic Opportunity
Older adults are an integral part of each community. They support business owners who provide vital goods and services for healthy aging. Also, those who age in their community stimulate growth in the direct care workforce—which creates jobs and more opportunity.



Capital Impact is the leading Community Financial Development Institution (CDFI) dedicated to the nexus of positive aging. Our team has more than 30 years of lending experience in underserved communities. With our help, projects that benefit low-income, older adults receive critical funding. We engage leaders to support innovative practices, capacity building and policy change. All of our efforts support healthy communities and foster integrated solutions—for residents of all ages. We hope you will join us in our vital mission.




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Scaling Aging Programs
We identify and scale best practices that improve long-term health outcomes. Proven examples include our nationwide GREEN HOUSE® Project and our Village to Village Network Initiative. These successful programs allow adults to age in their communities and in homelike settings.
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Aging-Friendly Financing
We ensure that projects supporting healthy aging have access to crucial capital. This is achieved through direct financing of projects as well as creating new capital structures and investment partnerships such as our Age Strong Investment Fund.
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Systems Integration Support
We work tirelessly to improve the alignment of community health care services. We help fill existing gaps via public policy engagement. And, we collaborate with government agencies, community health centers and care providers to support successful aging.
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Our dedicated efforts support aging-friendly programs across America. Yet, individual stories of change are what truly demonstrate our mission. Our top priority is to meet the needs of low-income adults so that they can age with dignity. As a lender and partner, we support those who affect change in big and small ways each day. Learn how you can make a difference by investing in aging-friendly communities and programs.


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Meals on Wheels
Age-friendly communities require a range of support services, including access to nutritious food. Our financing of the Meals on Wheels program near Fort Worth, Texas helped build a new warehouse and modern kitchen facilities. This will help expand meal deliveries by 50% to at least 1.5 million meals annually for a mostly low-income older population.
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Loveland Green House
We financed the development of Colorado’s first GREEN HOUSE® homes in the city of Loveland, providing skilled nursing for Medicaid-eligible residents. We leveraged New Market Tax Credits and investments from JPMorgan Chase, the AARP, Robert Wood Johnson, and Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundations to complete this $17 million dollar financing package.
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Addressing the Layered Medical Needs of Older Adults
After being hospitalized for diabetic complications, Marcelina was referred to Urban Health Plan’s Center for Advanced Aging conveniently located in her neighborhood. The Center is part of an innovative movement that delivers comprehensive care to aging populations while allowing them to still live in their communities.
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