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    Advocating for Policies That Strengthen Communities

The revitalization of underserved, low-income communities requires federal, state, and local public policy initiatives that promote community development. We unite policymakers, industry partners, and other key stakeholders to advance sound public policies that increase access to affordable health care, high-quality education, affordable housing, healthy foods, and programs for support older adults age in their community with dignity.



We educate policymakers at all levels of government to understand the challenges low-income communities face and in turn develop appropriate solutions. We focus on a wide range of issues including advocating for policies that increase access to capital and credit in low-income communities as well as expanding the community development finance sector.




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Aging & Independence
We are committed to supporting public policy initiatives that help people in low-income communities to age with independence and dignity in age-friendly communities, and remain connected to others.

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Affordable & Inclusionary Housing
We are committed to preserving the long-term affordability of housing, helping lower income families become homeowners and building inclusive communities.

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We are a founding member of the Charter School Lenders Coalition and advocate for programs that enable students living in low-income communities to gain a high-quality education.

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Health Care
We are a founding member of the Lenders Coalition for Community Health Centers and we support a wide range of policies to expand community-based health care organizations.

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Healthy Foods
We advocate for federal, state, and local legislation that support projects that increase access to healthy and affordable foods in low-income communities.

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Place-based Strategies
We educate policymakers about opportunities to replicate the success of our own place-based strategies in California and Detroit in other communities in need.




The following federal programs are vital to advancing the mission of Capital Impact Partners. Each program provides unique access to financial resources that can be used to leverage public and private funding for community development investments.

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Community Development Financial Institutions Program
Invests in and builds the capacity of mission-driven CDFIs, empowering them to grow, achieve organizational sustainability, and contribute to the revitalization of their communities.

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New Markets Tax Credit Program
Enables Community Development Entities to attract private sector investment capital that finances businesses and real estate projects in low-income communities.

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Healthy Food Financing Initiative
Provides financial assistance to CDFIs that invest in businesses involved in the production, distribution, or retail sale of healthy foods in low-income communities.

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CDFI Bond Guarantee Program
Invests in and builds the capacity of mission-driven CDFIs, empowering them to grow, achieve organizational sustainability, and contribute to the revitalization of their communities.

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Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Program
Provides grants to eligible entities to enhance the credit of charter schools so these schools can access private-sector and other non-federal resources to acquire, construct, and renovate facilities.

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Capital Magnet Fund
Awards grants to CDFIs to attract private capital investments for affordable housing activities whose aggregate project costs are at least ten times the size of the award amount.



Our policy papers examine the benefits of key government programs, policies, and funding initiatives. This research is supplemented with real-world case studies illustrating how Capital Impact leverages these efforts to further our mission of creating equity, access and inclusion through our projects in underserved communities across our country.