Increasing Access to Quality Care in Communities Nationwide

Community health centers are a critical resource helping low-income residents live healthier lives and build strong, vibrant communities. They provide a full range of health-related services for patients of all ages, and serve as engines for economic development and job creation. Financial capital and technical assistance are required to create more access to these services and Capital Impact Partners is working to support that demand.

Care for the Uninsured
Community health centers serve as the safety net for people who are uninsured or underinsured by providing regular, preventive care to its patients at little or no cost. Community health centers serve one in seven uninsured patients, and one in every three patients lives below the poverty line.

Community Integration
Community health centers are fully integrated into the communities they serve, including new innovations such providing services at schools and other mixed-used facilities and using mobile clinics to reach people who might be reluctant to visit a clinic.

Care for the Whole Person
Community health centers coordinate care across disciplines to ensure all care needs are being met. This includes medical, dental, vision, mental health, substance abuse, and pharmacy services that are typically unavailable to underserved communities.


It is anticipated that by 2018, patients will outstrip community health center capacity by 2 million people. With the proper investment, we can improve the lives of low-income individuals by increasing access to quality health care, helping remove the barriers to care that these communities regularly face and encouraging innovative new models of care.

Meeting Demand
Community health centers serve as the medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse, and pharmacy services lifeline for over 22 million people nationally – a number that continues to rise every year. 75% of health centers have plans to initiate projects within the next 5 years and are looking for partners to help meet that demand.

Improving Access
Community Health Centers have a record of achievement in providing superior care in a cost-effective manner. This improves access for people who are otherwise priced out of the health care market or face barriers to care. Further reduction in the need for expensive emergency room, hospital stays and specialty care benefits patients and taxpayer alike.

Saving Money
Low-income and predominantly minority neighborhoods have less access to primary health care providers than more affluent areas. About a quarter of African Americans and a quarter of Hispanics live in zip codes with few or no primary care physicians. Community health centers help close that gap and generate positive health outcomes for these underserved communities.


Capital Impact Partners is a leader in the industry when it comes to working with community health centers. We have three decades of practical experience working across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to create strategic financing deals and invest in the infrastructure necessary to benefit underserved communities by increasing access to high-quality health care through community health centers.

Capacity Building
In partnership with the Opportunity Finance Network, we help expand lender capacity by providing best practices for underwriting and financing community health centers.

Strategic Capital
Providing loans for acquisition, new construction, renovation and rehabilitation, equipment, working capital and other needs from as low as $300,000 to multi-million dollar deals. We also facilitate New Markets Tax Credit deals.
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Convening Leaders
With support from key partners including The Kresge Foundation, we bring industry leaders together to surface health care center innovations and opportunities to finance them.




Our work happens across the country, but it is the individual stories of change – how people’s lives are improved as their communities thrive – that is our mission. We serve those making change happen in big and small ways each and everyday.

LifeLong Medical Care
LifeLong Medical Care’s West Berkeley Family Practice Clinic provides primary and behavioral health services to low-income patients in Northern California. We allocated $10.3 million in New Markets Tax Credits to renovate the existing building and construct a new three-story annex, increasing patient capacity to 10,300 annually.

Joseph M. Smith Health Center

The Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center serves the low-income residents of Boston’s Allston-Brighton neighborhood. A full-service primary care center, it offers medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services through five sites. We provided $5 million in New Markets Tax Credits as part of a $25 million project to construct a 48,000 square-foot health center.

Kedren Community Health Center

Serving South Los Angeles, Kedren provides a full spectrum of mental health services to the community’s diverse population. We partnered with The California Endowment to provide a $1.8 million loan to allow the health center to acquire and install a 3,840-square-foot building to house a pediatric clinic, and to implement an electronic health record system.

Case Study: Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

Boston-based Brockton Neighborhood Health Center collaborates with community agencies and residents to provide high quality, comprehensive healthcare.


We are interested in not just outputs, but outcomes at the systems level – the changes happening in and across communities as vital social supports are transformed. By measuring our impact, we help to ensure the investment of capital and capability translates into real, sustainable change for the people who live, grow up and grow old in the communities we serve.

  • Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $780 million in financing to 510 health centers serving more than two million patients


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