Revitalizing Detroit for all Detroiters

Capital Impact aims to improve economic mobility in targeted, asset-rich neighborhoods and mixed-use neighborhoods in Detroit through an inclusive growth framework. We invest in strategies that promote increasing neighborhood density with a healthy income mix through multifamily and mixed-use developments and provide financing for key community services like education, senior housing and healthy foods.

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Mixed-Income Development
A combination of good planning, good design, and higher densities can support healthy, interactive, walkable areas with concentrations of services and amenities that can support households across the income spectrum.

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Inclusive Growth
Research suggests that the healthiest neighborhoods avoid high concentrations of extreme wealth or poverty. Diverse, mixed-income communities promote pathways to economic mobility and equitable access to quality services.

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Revitalized Neighborhoods
With the right investments and commitment, Detroit is becoming a city where newcomers and current residents alike possess equal access to good homes, safe and vibrant neighborhoods, good jobs and quality educational supports.



We’ve designed innovative capital tools like the Woodward Corridor Investment Fund and the Detroit Neighborhoods Fund that have helped unlock Detroit’s enormous development potential. We also partner with developers, community agencies, other CDFIs, and the City of Detroit to drive investment into Detroit’s urban core and asset rich neighborhood centers. Our cutting edge research and policy efforts have led to greater awareness and local adoption of the inclusive growth framework to encourage growth locally while preserving access and affordability in Detroit.




Community Partnerships
Our locally-based team works directly with a variety of cross-sectors organizations to ensure that solutions are organically built from the ground-up and account for the local realities facing residents, policy makers, philanthropic institutions, and investors.
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Project Financing
Often overlooked by traditional banks, our mission-driven lenders’ work ensures that good projects that help build healthy communities for all Detroiters receive the financing they need. We can provide a variety of loans from pre-development to tenant improvements to full scale construction.
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Public Policy & Research
We examine and advocate for scenarios to help community development and finance professionals think through which development trajectories could help cultivate a healthy income mix in order to best serve Detroit neighborhoods in the long term. See our research below



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Through our dedicated efforts, we are support a revitalized Detroit built on a foundation of equity, opportunity and inclusiveness. But to achieve our mission, we know we can’t go it alone. As a lender and partner, we strive to offer a variety of initiatives, research products, and financial services to affect change in big and small ways. We invite you to read and share to help us scale these efforts across Detroit.




A minority developer at a Capital Impact financed projects looks at construction progress

Equitable Development Initiative
To better ensure that minority developers are able to participate in Detroit’s revitalization, we launched the Equitable Development Initiative. This initiative provides a combination of catalytic capital, one-on-one mentorship, and formalized training to bolster inclusivity within Detroit’s real estate market.
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Cover of Inclusive Growth in Detroit Report

Toward Inclusive Growth
In this report, we’ve laid out a framework that addresses scenarios for cultivating mixed-income neighborhoods where a diverse set of residents can live, work and grow together. The report also maps out a path that groups can follow to successfully invest in ways that drive inclusive growth.
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Cover of housing displacement risk assessment research report

Detroit Corridor Growth Scenarios
This update to our “Toward Inclusive Growth in Detroit” report provides new demographic, land use and inclusive growth scenarios for a majority of Detroit’s “corridor areas” located adjacent to traditional mixed-use and commercial nodes and corridors.
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Cover of housing displacement risk assessment research report

Addressing Resident Relocation & Displacement
Our multifamily displacement risk assessment has led to innovative resident subsidies and financing guidelines to better retain middle income households, while also ensuring equitable outcomes when relocations result from a multifamily rehab.
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Cover of Inclusive Growth in Detroit Report

Detroit Housing Market Study
Capital Impact worked with local and national experts to determine the residential market demand across income levels for six neighborhood centers in Detroit. This study was designed to maximize the residential market potential and leverage the opportunities for mixed use in each neighborhood.
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Partnering with Developers for a More Inclusive Detroit

Our research lays out key elements for how Detroit can successfully implement an inclusive growth strategy that grows the economy while protecting current and future residents. This video illustrates highlights some of the developers we are working with and projects we are supporting to bring this vision to life.



We track and measure transformation in and among the communities we support. This ensures that our investment of capital and commitment translates into real, sustainable change. Ultimately, it helps those who live, grow up and grow old in these communities thrive.




Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $150 million to finance 10 percent of all new and rehabbed housing in Detroit's Core serving 25000 Detroiters.

Graphic illustrating that Capital Impact has provided $150 million to finance 10 percent of all new and rehabbed housing in Detroit's Core serving 25000 Detroiters.