Meet Karla Gill, Momentus Capital’s First Chief Technology Officer

Karla Gill recently joined Momentus Capital as its first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In her role overseeing the integration of new technologies that make our work more effective, she will manage Ventures Lending Technologies, Information Technology, and the data analytics teams.

In this blog, we take some time to get to know more about Karla, her history, and what keeps her committed to building communities of opportunity.

Karla Gill joins Momentus Capital as First Chief Technology Officer

Q:  Talk about your background

Karla: I grew up in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where I went to Virginia Tech for my undergrad in Computer Science and later earned my master’s degree in Information Systems. I have spent most of my career in the Washington metro area and have worked across multiple industries. I enjoy being a part of our local Capital CIO chapter of InspireCIO, a community where heads of technology come together to maximize their leadership effectiveness and create value. I also serve on the Computer Science and Business IT Advisory Boards at Virginia Tech.

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