Weaving resources together to transform cities into places of opportunity.

The opportunity exists to demonstrate the value that revitalized communities have in fostering good health, economic growth, and interconnectedness. In places like Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Washington, D.C. our place-based strategy targets capital and commitment across multiple sectors simultaneously. Through this strategy, we can work to ensure these projects work together to spark long-term returns and social benefits in those disadvantaged communities and, ultimately, the region as a whole.

Two LA Kitchen chefs prepare healthy meals for seniors

Economic Development

As new businesses grow, jobs are created. That, in turn, sparks new opportunities for growth in other sectors, fueling an engine of job creation that helps tackle the epidemic of unemployment in underserved communities. More jobs equate to a higher tax base, further stimulating support for schools and health care.

Imperial Fresh Market employee in Detroit poses in aisle of grocery store

Catalytic Investments

Across the United States, many are realizing the true value of urban areas as a driver of economic growth and opportunity. Many communities are well positioned to attract new capital and philanthropic investments that demonstrate the ability to deliver both strong financial returns and social impact.

Aerial photograph showing downtown Detroit

Encouraging growth while preserving affordability for existing residents is key to bringing back neglected neighborhoods. Density is critical to building community and fueling growth. By developing businesses, services and living spaces that anchor neighborhoods, more people will return to the urban core and invest in its future.



Where many investors see risk in underserved community, Capital Impact Partners sees opportunity. We bring years of experience supporting affordable housing, charter schools, healthy food retailers, community health centers and community-based aging projects to create a set of interconnected resources that work to strengthen each other. We can deliver the strategic financing, capacity building, and social innovation necessary to help catalyze economic revitalization in cities across the nation.




Four Homeboy Industry employees in Los Angeles pose with merchandise

Public Policy
From state legislators to federal policymakers and industry partners to key developers, we work to advance sound public policies that help communities address systemic poverty, build equitable opportunities, and ensure inclusive growth.
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Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County CEO holds up Capital Impact Mascot PennyWise in front of construction site

Strategic Financing
We work to finance projects that support affordable housing, education, health care and healthy food access all in close proximity to each other. When successful, those efforts serve to amplify the combined impact of each project and empower residents to improve their lives and livelihoods.
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Neon sign in window of store that reads Nothing Stops Detroit

Detroit Revitalization
In Detroit, we are leading an effort to bring together all of our capabilities – including lending, research, partnerships, program development, and policy – to accelerate economic opportunities that support entrepreneurship, job growth and inclusive mixed-used development in the city’s key urban corridors.
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Deploying strategic capital and structuring complicated transactions to support charter schools in low-income communities creates real change that can last for decades as students grow up, graduate and thrive. We are proud to partner with some of the most innovative education institutions across the country who are making this happen.

Owners of the Auburn development in Detroit pose in front of building sign

Detroit’s Woodward Corridor
From Source Booksellers to Forest Arms, the Auburn to Willy’s Overland, we are working with developers throughout Detroit’s Woodward Corridor to increase access to critical services that residents need to foster good health and economic growth. We invite you meet some of those we work with.
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Equitas academy student holding lunch tray with healthy food in cafeteria in Los Angele

Equitas Academy
In Southern California, we have financed over 100 projects working together to create new opportunities, businesses and jobs for those most in need. One example of this work is Equitas Academy, a charter school providing low-income students from K-8th grade a quality education.
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Father and daughter sitting in Unity Health Care lobby waiting for doctor in Washington DC

Unity Health Care
Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, the Capital Impact team is always looking to make an impact in our own “backyard.” That is why we financed Unity Health Center, the only provider in the Ward 5 neighborhood providing quality care to uninsured patients.
Meet the Unity Doctors


Investing in Detroit’s Future

Capital Impact has invested over $150 million in projects to support Detroit’s revitalization. That effort has included many public, private and philanthropic sector partners. “Revival” highlights the work that Capital Impact and a number of other CDFIs are doing to support a strong, vibrant and inclusive city.